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Monday, September 08, 2008


When I did my teacher training I got the hang of meditation. We did it so often that I really came to enjoy the practice - and found it not at all impossible to still my mind. Practice really did make (near) perfect!

But then life came along, and I stopped meditating so much.. and it's something I've been meaning to rectify.

I did go along to a phenomenal Yin Yoga & Meditation class a couple of weeks ago but since then that timing hasn't worked out for me. I'm definitely going to go back but in the meantime I've needed something to get me going.
Over the last couple of weeks I've started having panic attacks again - I used to get them years ago so went on a specific med that helped with anxiety as well as my depression.. and clearly they've stopped working! All in all I am going through a lot of personal stuff right now and with the rise of the panic attacks, what better time to find some peace wherever I can?

So this weekend I got up on a sunny Sunday and set my alarm for 5 minutes.. slow and small to start with. And WOW - what a pleasant surprise to find that it wasn't all that difficult after all? I did it again on Sunday night, and tonight - Monday, I did 10 minutes and nearly jumped out of my skin when my alarm went off (I really need to find a nice soothing alarm sound!)

I had to laugh when I heard a meditation teacher say once that people perceive the practice of meditation to be so hard, that they'll spend hours reading books on it and studying it.. all this time thinking about it - but no time practicing it. It's so true! So I'm hoping to continue with the practice - and fill my life with some much needed peace, in body and mind.

Need some help yourself? There are so many different types of meditation - from guided podcasts on the net, to classes in your area, to simply sitting down and focussing on a candle flame, or counting yr breath. I've learnt a few techniques in acupuncture that have been helpful to me - why not read up on some other ideas here, here or here?

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger molly said...

hiya girl - looking forward to reading your blog.. regarding the panic - i struggle on and off with it.. strangely i had one while meditating in a group but i managed to not leave the cushion. only other time is flying. not fun are they! i have faith it can get much better! take good care :)


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