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Monday, August 18, 2008

Journal Questions for Chakra #2

An awesome post from Bliss Chick got me thinking.. and there are some questions I'd like to explore this week.

Perhaps you would too? Enjoy! X

1. How do you feel about sex? Do you think you have a healthy sex life? If not, how does it need to change? Have you experienced any sexual traumas in your life? If so, have you sought appropriate help to work through these experiences?

2. Do you feel creative every day?

3. Do you think you are as creative as you are capable? Are you holding back your creativity? Why?

4. Do you spend more time fantasizing about things you will do than actually doing those things?

5. Are you stuck in the planning stages of creative projects -- always making lists or buying supplies or waiting for the perfect time or space in which to work?

6. Do you eat to avoid emotions? Ever?

7. Do you push your emotions down, willing them away, determined to put on a good face no matter how you actually feel?

8. Do you envy the successes of other people or are you confident that there is enough to go around?

9. Is acquisition of material goods your primary motivational force?

10. Is each day an obstacle or do you awaken feeling energized by the possibility of healthy challenge and stimulation?

11. Do you have an overriding sense of purpose and vitality? Or you are spending most of your time in apathy and ennui?

Remember, wear what makes you feel wonderful, do what makes you feel wonderful, and spend some time shining like the sun!



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