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Friday, February 13, 2009

I forgot my computer password

...and it feels GOOD!

I've been away on a yoga teacher training retreat with Baron Baptiste for the last week and I feel so wonderful, strong and powerful! I did a Jivamukti class this morning and did a jumpback from Bakasana to Chatarunga (one of my first!) and also side bakasana with extended legs - first time! Not only did I do them but I felt stable and strong, it was amazing!!!

The training meant a week without a computer, email, tv, mobile phone or newspapers (or coffee!)... and it was bliss. So when I jumped onto my computer just a moment ago to prepare some notes for the partner yoga workshop I'm teaching tomorrow, I had to think for a few moments to remember my password. Not that is a true sign of getting away from it all!

It was a little scary coming home and putting the tv on for the first time - one, because of the noise (what an assault!) but two, because of the devastation of the Victorian bushfires. Hundreds of people have lost their lives, and thousands of people have been affected. On the day prior to Love Day, pls be generous and give in any way you can - it doesn't just have to be $$. Some wonderful ideas are here.

Namaste x

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