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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a DOER! Not a GUNNA!

haha I just had to laugh out loud as I've just seen a hilarious Burgen bread ad on tv.. all about DOING and not "I'm gunna do this when.." or "I'm gunna do that when...". And looking at my finances, I've got to say I'm pleased that I'm starting to DO!

I've consolidated my debts, including my recent yoga teacher training costs, and I'm feeling good and positive about paying them off. My emergency fund (of $1000 in savings) is now in place. This pay (mid-month) will see me pay off my amex bill completely. So then it's the full on ONE loan repayment, woohoo! I am already a couple of months ahead in my loan repayment (I set it low so I could always pay it, with the intention of paying it off much quicker than I need to) and it's such a good feeling to see movement happening.

You'd have to be living under the rock under the rock under a rock if you haven't gotten stressed out or caught up in the 'global economic crisis' going on right now - but to be honest, I don't have savings, I don't have a huge retirement fund, I don't have stocks or what nots.. so for me, it's not affecting me right now. I am steadily focussing on getting rid of my debt and saving a good emergency fund, and then eventually looking at purchasing my own home.

People (yes, me included) live in such debt in and in our consumer society it's not a bad thing - if anything, it's encouraged. So I want to start living a little differently and feel that immense pressure in my chest that happens when I think about my debt LIFT!

So here's to being a do-er, not a gunna. Wohooo!

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